Houellebecq's Devotion to His Corgi

At the Museum of Modern Art in Paris - at the Palais de Tokyo - an exhibition titled "Rester vivant" (Staying Alive) took place in 2016 presenting the author Michel Houellebecq's photographic work. It was curated by him personally and supplemented by works of artist friends and his first wife.

The centerpiece of this exhibition was the separate room "L'Amour absolu" (Absolute Love) entirely devoted to Houellebecq's beloved Pembroke Corgi Clément, who died in 2011. The floor was covered by a red tartan reminiscent of a dog basket.

The numerous photos showing the intimate connection between Michel and Clément (2000-2011), the dog watercolors by Houellebecq's ex-wife Marie-Peirre Gauthier, all the corgi's toys displayed in a show case, and the slide-show accompanied by Iggy Pop's husky voice reciting an abstract of "The Possibility of an Island", were all a profound declaration of love to his dog. After all, here, in contrast to his books, the artist, devoid of all irony, appeared to be one with his protagonist, dog owner Michel Houellebecq.