How the Corgi lost its tail
By Betsy Copeland

Long, long ago back in the days when the land was new and the pixies still tied knots in the sheeps tails and tangled the manes of the horses at night, the Corgi was the steed of choice for the nightly rides of the Queen of the Fairies.

Both Pembrokes and Cardigans had long, flowing tails and would wag them brightly as they trotted along.

One night though, after a long day of herding, a Pembroke Corgi decided that enough was enough and that he would rather sleep than be bedecked with flowers and carry the Queen.

When she arrived, he snuggled deeper into his bedsack and refused to open his eyes.

The fairies poked him and prodded him until he heaved a great sigh and sat up.

"I don't WANT to go out tonight" he complained. "I am tired and grumpy and want to sleep. Find another steed for your evening ride."

And with that he sat down and put his ears back and, with a steely glint in his eye, refused to move.

The fairies cajoled, they pleaded, they ordered, they threatened, they bribed, they yelled, but all to no avail.
The Pemmie had made up his mind and nothing was going to change it.

Finally, in anger, the Queen stomped her tiny feet and tossed her beautiful hair and shouted out a terrible curse:

"I will bind your tail to the ground with my magic so that you are trapped. You will never be free until you agree to become my slave... to be ridden when ever I desire!!"

Now this did not please the Corgi one bit!!!

He swore a mighty oath to never give in to threats and began to tug and pull.
But alas, his tail was stuck fast to the ground! And HE was stuck to his tail!!!

He pulled and pulled and heaved and FINALLY pulled loose... But his tail was stuck fast to the ground and remained there.
He had pulled his tail RIGHT OFF!!!

And so, to this day, the Pembroke Corgi has no tail as a reminder of the dog who defied the Queen of the Fairies. And, like any other good Welshman, he is still proud, willfull and unintimidated by threats or cursing.
This is the tale of the tail as my grandmother told me...

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